Exploring and trying to experience everything I can in a new city is daunting. I used to love going to new places and trying food and meeting lots and lots of people- now I prefer being at home with my kitties and boyfriend, reading, drinking wine, playing board games, watching shows, poring over potential houses to buy... you get the idea. 

The challenge I have given myself is to try 1-2 new things a week and write about it. I am also practicing my photography because I realize I am super bad at it, which is embarrassing in this day and age.

So here we go! I'm starting easy with some food recommendations. 

I am a bit of a foodie, and the food here in Austin is hit or miss for me. But when it's a hit- it's a REAL hit. Here are a few of my favorites right now:

East Side King (

I have never eaten pork belly before. We were invited to Happy Hour by my boyfriend's boss and we met at Liberty Bar. The East Side King food truck was in the back; we had no idea what we were in for. It must be noted that pork belly is not for the faint of heart- it is fatty, and then has some fat, and then there's some fat in it. So I was good with a single sandwich. But what a sandwich it was. And three months later, I'm still thinking about it. A good healthier option is to buy it at Trader Joe's and cut off some of the fat after cooking it. Still tasty and delicious, but I feel less like I will have a heart attack at any time.

Hanabi (

Now I am a sushi lover. And coming from a place where I could get high-quality sushi delivered to my door (LA),  I am also a bit of a snob. Hanabi is in a strip mall, right next to ARMY, and is my favorite sushi place yet. Rolls are good, the Ahi Tower was pretty delish, but the straight-up sushi, especially Salmon Belly and Albacore, are the items to eat here. Decent pricing, amazing service, they even have a couple of unfiltered sake selections to choose from. Which is very important to me :) Come during Happy Hour, daily 4-7, and you will leave with a belly full of yum and a slight buzz.

Another food I had never eaten, the delicious Banh Mi, was introduced to me at Tam Deli. I now cannot get enough. Salty, sweet, and crunchy- you get all the tastes with this sandwich. Plus, the bread is fresh-baked.  I have tried this sandwich at a couple other places in town, but this is hands-down delicious. The owner Mister Nick, is a riot, and the iced Vietnamese coffee is drool-worthy. Finish your meal with a cream puff, and then get another pork banh mi to go.  And eat it in the car on your way home.